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Now working on a 1.7.10 Modpack

By Razorskills a - Posted Mar 24, 15

Long time no post, but we are still here. I have been working on upgrading the Revenge 3 pack for 1.6.4 to 1.7.10.

There has been some mod additions, and a few have been lost. But for the most part it is still very similiar. I have very many tweaks to do to the configs yet, but I think this pack is already alot better performance wise and for content. I hope to be out of beta within a month and have the modpack page hidden away here:

I am also waiting for the new curse client for Minecraft modding to come out and be able to make packs on it. It looks amazing so far and will be very nice when we get the pack on there.

Feel free to try it out so far, although bugs may occur, and on some machines peformance might be a slight problem. I will be making a build to be used for less powerfull computers in the future.

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