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So this post has taken too long to make, we now have a stable modpack, and the server has been running 24/7 for the past 3 months. In the 3 months we have built a decent spawn, set up protection plugins, tested playing out the modpack, bugs have been found and fixed. There are still a couple hickups I know about and am going to be fixing. More so I am planning to remove gregtech, and setup minetweaker to make IC2 and other mods just a bit harder, but without the current annoying gregtech problems. And there need to be some tweaks to Modular Powersuits aswell. But otherwise the modpack is considered feature complete and is ready for public play.

I have gone through and received almost every last permission to use each mod as a public pack, and only require another 2 personal ones. So once I get some more time, the modpack will be searchable and publically viewable in technic launcher! I also plan to expand to the ATLauncher and possibly FTB/Curse Launcher in the future. 

Then when I am very satisfied, I will begin making my 1.7 version that is currently also being put together to being tweaked! If there is any worthy news, I will post an update!
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