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Well Lately News and activity has been really low, Sorry about that. But the whole time I have been testing and redoing, re thinking and working hard on the modpack + Server.

My newest version of the modpack for 1.6.4 I hope is going to be the final 1.6.4 version except for mod updates. There are still tweaks to do with recipes and Quests, But the majority is done.

I am working on the server side stuff now, I have to rewrite all the permissions and things to be much better and then implement an AutoRanking system. I then need Set up towny with all the new Ids, Set up each tool for mcmmo, rebalance some Essentials things, and the commands. Then it will be getting close to ready, Then the shop needs to be done from item #1 to the end. (We will not have every item in the shop, but we should have alot of the normal items available to buy and sell)

I really hope to have something for you guys very soon!
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