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Hello anyone that reads this stuff!

I have been working for the past week or so on getting this modpack to be closer to a finished product! I am closer than I have ever been. I am testing and working with the dev of Modular Powersuits to get them working properly with smart moving. Very soon I hope to add them. 

The previous update was good, but had some nasty laggy mods. Which also means a new test world.

This one is meant to be the real test world. *Beware* when the product is finished, if we have a damaged world, there will be a new map. 

If you are trying to connect, do not use the beta modpack!

Here is a link to the modpack you must use!

Please note, the controls have not been edited! I wont be here tomorrow to fix it!
so friday it is! 

(And yes Brock, I will be working on modded tools working with mcMMO very soon)

None of the plugins are configured at this moment. Example: Server status on the right >> thinks it is offline, but it is actually online! (Edit: I fixed it before going to bed)

And not to mention towny protection for modded blocks!

I wanted to mention that I tested the modpack on Emily's Computer (My Fiance) and it is able to get 50-60 stead fps. The older versions it would get a steady 14! So This has come a long way to having lots of content, with less lag! (Start up times will always be slow..)

Anyways! I will now be updating info here with the dates stamped on them!

Also check the dynmap:
I think it looks pretty cool with the new biomes!
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