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Teamspeak Rules:
While you are in our teamspeak their are rules and you need to follow them if you don't then first you get a kick as a warning,then a second warning kick,then a ban for 5 minutes,then for 10 minutes,And if you do not follow the rules you will get a temp ban for 1 hour, then a perm ban.

Follow these rules and you won't have any trouble to deal with

1.Your purpose here must not to be to troll others. Some trolling is allowed, but it must controlled with friends and you must know when to quit!

2.Do not switch back and forth through channel's to make players annoyed hearing "User has switched to your channel" or "User has left your channel" constantly.

3.Do not use any annoying voice changers their okay for about 5 - 10 min then everyone gets annoyed. So keep it to a minimum.

4.Do not disrespect other user's.

5.Do not impersonate other users

6.No spamming other players with pokes/messages.

7. No flooding the text chat with spam.

8. Do not pop into other rooms for the sole purpose of causing a disturbance and leave again.

9. If you can't get along with someone on TS, do not argue over mics in a crowded room.

10. DO NOT join TS to whine that you got banned from the one of our server, you'll probably be banned from TS as well. Unless you are coming to solve the situation in a proper manor.

11. If you are mic spamming music etc. and someone doesn't enjoy it, be respectful and stop.

12. If you are given the member privilege, it means we trust you not to make channels everywhere and leave them as a joke. This is unacceptable and you will become a guest in this teamspeak again.

13. Do not bother admins to receive admin in teamspeak. If you are mature, and can follow the rules above. You may just be given some form of admin privileges. But it is the admins decision to give privileges out, and if you are asking for it, it probably means you do not need it/ can handle it.

Minecraft Server Rules:

Rules are not limited to just players it includes everyone!, Admins and Superusers do however get special consideration, but rules still apply to them.
Owners: Razorskills, Renegrimard
Razorskills came up with the original modpack, and Renegrimard supplied the server hardware. They now work together optimizing, updating and keeping the server stable. They are the only ones with absolute control over the workings of the server. Bans and suggestions are reviewed by them personally.
Admins: Hocisrn(has many nicknames just ask on the server), MrAndaren
Admin status is kind of self explanatory, but for newcomers, it means the look after the server working in-game, resolve disputes, and report issues. They also have access to special commands to help in administrations.

Courtesy rules
These rules will result mostly in jail time, but on very rare occasions bans will be given
Please use proper grammar and language.
Try not to ask questions you haven’t thought through first, but questions are welcome.
Use common sense, if it seems like it might be trouble, it probably is.
Do not spam or promote on the server.
Be respectful to everyone involved with the server, player and admins alike.
Try to limit your effect on the environment (Floating Trees, Explosions)
No Building of any hate symbol or genitalia, keep it clean!
Have fun!

Refusal to follow these rules will result in a permanent ban, several warning will be given before such a sever punishment however. Owners have the right to skip the warning process and ban you instantly. If you feel you have been wrongly banned it can be discussed on our website at the leisure of the Owners.
Don’t attempt to exploit any know or unknown bug, REPORT IT!(Good bug reporting = reward! Such as rare items or extra town plots)
Do not grief. Period. If you are caught or even suspected of grieving you will be banned first and question asked later. We will review the ban asap, unless undeniable evidence is presented. Grieving is defined as breaking something someone else built without their consent. Even if its a base built into a hill. That hill will become protected under grieving rules. This include breaking block even if you intend to replace it afterwards (this is here in-case certain block change upon breaking such as glow-stone)
You are free to raid anything that is not protected.(Note: this can not interfere with the rules on grieving. You can not break blocks to get into someones base. Even if its unprotected.)
This means Hide your stuff, or make a town, we are a friendly community, so if you don't know how to make a town ASK, there is no sympathy for those who do not help themselves!
No harassment of players/staff, staff can decide if it is harassment or not, if you are asked to stop and you do not. This will result in jail time and possibly even a ban, the length will be decided by the staff members.
Unreasonable treatment can be discussed on the forums.(
If you die, and you lose your things, do not complain or ask for hand outs, tombstones are luxuries enjoy them when they work, and realize minecraft is harsh when they do not.
PVP on, do not complain about deaths, do not harass lower tier players this will result in jail time.
(Planned feature)Players can’t kill you during the first 4hours of game-play, perhaps if they attack others then it will deactivate their code named "bambi" mode (auto-rank?)
Trespassing on towns? No such thing, towns are protected and as such builds will be enjoyed by all. While in the town respect the town members wishes, if they ask you to leave, then do so, this can result in infringement upon harassment rules. If a player is in your town and not respecting your wishes you may kill them while they are in your town without fear of the rule against harassing lower tier players, PROPER 3 warnings must be given and ignored for this..
Town mayors are allowed to set up towny as they wish, you are allowed to ban players from your town, stop all player from coming into town, turn pvp on or off, disable mobs from spawning etc..
If you cause server lag, (IE: massive amount of animals or machines) dont expect your stuff to be there when you next log on, depending on the severity of the lag, we may just give you a warning at first. If you have a chunk loader/anchor place it out in the open so if your base does become an issue its easy to unload it until you are able to fix it, otherwise we WILL NOT WASTE our time looking for it and just regenerate(delete) the chunk it is located in. If this happens you have no right to complain, and if you whine about it we will ban you. We are willing to help people out with more efficient and server friendly designs upon request.
Admins have the right to teleport to you, to check up on possible issues, such as a laggy build. DO NOT COMPLAIN, this is to keep the server running as smoothly as possible.

Rules/General info about certain items
Chunkloaders will stay expensive. Don’t like them? Don’t use them! World anchors differ from chunk loaders as they will not load chunks, just keep them from unloading, so if the server restarts or you log out while you had anchors active they will not RE-load the chunks around them, where as a chunk loader will, hence the price difference.
For lava Pumping please use the Enderpump! They chunk-load for themselves and do not lag like the other pumps.
Ender Quarries: they Chunkload and are our Buildcraft quarry replacement!

Forum Rules:
Please think about what you are posting before you post anything, and after you type it out, please go back and read/preview what you have written to make sure that what you are saying makes sense, and is not disrespectful, or rude to others. After you have thought this through and reviewed your post. Then awesome! Now everyone will be happy to read your message because it will make sense, and not offend anyone! Thanks!

Skype: Razors140 | Raptr: Razorskills | Steam : a51brian4 | Xfire: brian147 | PSN: brian140 | Xbox: Razorskills
Posted Mar 31, 15 · OP · Last edited Sep 27, 15
Hello. I'm new to the server. Me and half a dozen friends joined today and were wanting to know what the rules were. There's none posted here or on the server.

Any chance players could get a 2nd /sethome ??? or possibly access to the /back command. Adventuring can be pretty tedious without one of those. Enjoying the pack a lot though, runs great and had zero lag.

Posted Sep 17, 15
Ah yes, I agree with the second home. I will try getting to that tonight. As for rules, since its mostly a new server, i haven't had a chance to come up with any problems that require me to make any special rules yet. But I will try to come some main server rules. If you guys feel there a rule is missing, feel free to let me know what you think.

But for the most part it was supposed to be a pvp, raid server, no destroying to get in to peoples base. But right now the system to protect people: towny, needs a way to get some money. And i need to design the server shop to get money to make and expand towns. Until i set that up though, lockette is an available plugin and I recommend you use it. I will post some info/ a link as to how to use it. Maybe even make a video sometime after work. Thanks for posting! Its nice to see some people playing, gives me more motivation to work on finishing up features!

Skype: Razors140 | Raptr: Razorskills | Steam : a51brian4 | Xfire: brian147 | PSN: brian140 | Xbox: Razorskills
Posted Sep 17, 15 · OP
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