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Incident - It has been brought to my attention that we are again having voxel desync errors. This is the cause extreme rubber banding in certain areas on the earthlike planet.

Cause - I believe this is occuring due to the age of the map(over a year old now) and there being so many changes to the way in-voxel grids are handle aswell as character movement/net code.

Resolution - In the hopes of resolving this permanently, I will be refreshing the server in full on 2018-09-06.

Existing Builds - I will have backups of the server and can launch the old one if you would like to capture blueprints of anything you have built. Please request it by creating a thread or replying to this post.

With the new updates to Space Engineers we have a dedicated server up and running. It is lightly modded and should only take 2 minutes to load into it. The server is in Survival Mode and has no restrictions. 

Please NAME your grids on the server using "playername - gridname"

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