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At this point, I have a test server running 24/7 and am testing performance with different mods and tweaking configs. I am trying to set up a pack that performs well, but also with some decent mods to play with. Its very WIP right now, but there is a download available on the top bar for an exported profile from my Twitch Desktop Client. (they merged the curse client to twitch) 

(Hold your mouse over the download for some pop up info to install it) 

Maybe when the pack is more complete we will decide on a name and setup a new pack page for it. But for now I will update that zip file for a few weeks as I make some small changes etc

My pack scope: Tough PvE, but not annoying. A few different progression paths. Good Performance.

Il add some more info later! 

I've decided to shut down the minecraft server as of today. I am now planning to use the server computer for games that we play regularly. ex: I plan to start using it for "7 days to die" and perhaps some other games down the line. One day we will return to minecraft when the mods I have been waiting for catch up to the current version.

I will post some info about the next server we host soon!

The Server is stable, client seems to run well. I think I can now consider the modpack out of beta. I have been testing and have not had anymore smart moving issues since the update aswell. Please let me know if you still experience the odd rubber banding while running. 

Feel free to join us on the server! the modpack is located here:

It also would help if you left a like on the technic pack page. Doing so might help bring more players to join us!

I do plan on a few mod additions in the future, not sure which ones, or how many. It all depends on performance. If it makes the modpack too slugish, then I can't add it. I will let you guys know which mods il be adding in hopefully soon after some testing.

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